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  • Hellooooooooo!

    chubbi-tempHello sexytons, a facial mask on, wearing my pjs and sipping green tea whilst watching Friends. Nothing like a comfy night in.  I never get sick of watching Friends despite being able to dictate 90% of the sitcom. Most people can agree right?

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  • Back in Hong Kong

    backkk-tempI'M BACK! Currently 3:37AM and I'm just doing a little bit of late night blogging before bed time. All tucked into bed with Chubbi next to me right now. I missed her so much so it is so nice to be reunited with her cute little self. She went through a fur shedding stage not long ago and is starting to become fluffy again.

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  • Trip to Holland

    holland-tempSo basically Venice and Berlin tired us out so we decided to chillax in Holland instead. The whole point of going to Den Haag (The Hague) was to see our friend Bobo and her two sister's beautiful babies. I actually expected least of Holland for some reason and I think it was because I was SO tired from the holiday already but I actually really really enjoyed it.

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  • Visiting Berlin


    Walking in the streets of Berlin reminded me of London because everywhere I looked, people seemed busy and were rushing. It was a total different change of scenery compared to Venice but it shouldn't be compared because it's two total different countries.

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  • Trip to Venice


    I had never been to Venice before but I knew it was famous for being a romantic holiday destination.  I somehow imagined it to be gloomy and smelly since it's a "city of water" but I was wrong. The weather was warm and the scenery was spectacular. There were no roads which meant there will be no cars. People would travel by boat in the beautiful canals. The streets were narrow but tasteful with stunning buildings.

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