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  • High School Memories


    Crazy! I miss High School now. Want to know what I was like in High School? Here are some of my brief memories...

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  • Well Helllllo


    I'm blogging at 10pm! I know right? Nice and early the way it should be. Well I thought I'll type a little update but I've actually sat in front of this laptop for about 10 minutes with a blank mind. You ever have one of those days where people ask you how it was and you spend like 5 minutes trying to think what you did but you're like "Uhhh....?" I'm having that.

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  • Story of every girl's life


    This is the story of every girl's life. When the dreaded day comes... It's time to clean out the wardrobe. THE HORROR!

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  • You Kidding Me?


    Okay, I get the craziest emails but this one seriously made me LOL and I just have to share it with you guys. It was sent to my business account and apparently it's from "Welhelmina International School of Modelling Agency".

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    It's 2:24AM (for some reason, I always feel the need to let you guys know the time. What am I? A time teller now? As if you guys care about the time) and I'm sitting here next to Chubbi. She's going a bit mental right now. I think she is angry with her tail so she is chasing it.

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