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  • Best Friend Photoshoot + LOLage.


    It's actually only 10am right now and I have been very proud of myself for the past week because I've been waking up WELL EARLY in Northern Ireland. If only I'm this healthy with my sleeping patterns back home....

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  • Back in Northern Ireland


    It's actually pretty early in the morning and I am sitting in bed typing whilst listening to birds chirping. It's been lovely being back home in Northern Ireland (or Norn Iron as we call it). Each morning, I would wake up to chirping birds and it's so refreshing to breathe in the fresh clean air. I walk Max every morning with my granny and just realised how beautiful this place really is.

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  • The Bubz Meet & Greet Event


    Just a diary entry on a day I will never forget. Thank you to everybody who made effort to see me in Times Square. It was such a crazy day but awesome day. Truly a day to remember...

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  • Just my luck (fml)


    Why am I so greedy? The other day, I had dinner with my friends and having ate nothing all day - I was SUPER HUNGRY. The first dish that arrived on the table was salted chilli squid and it smelled so good. My best friend warned me not to because I am so allergic to seafood but my hunger won over my senses and I reached for the salted chilli squid. It tasted so nice so I ate another...and another... and another....

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  • COME SEE BUBZ (Meet & Greet)


    I'm doing a Meet & Greet in Hong Kong on 9th July in Times Square. Come by and say hello if you are free for a chat & hug. I would love to meet you guys! Click to read for more details...


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