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  • City Hunter & Europe Trip


    I can't believe I return to Northern Ireland in less than 2 weeks. I'm so excited to be back in my old bedroom. Do you guys still remember my bedroom with the flowers on the wall? I'm excited to eat the Salted Chilli Ribs from my family's restaurant 'The Royal Thai', I'm excited to see my dog Max and I'm even more excited to see my family again.

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  • Bananas, Meet & Greet and Growing Up!


    I'm planning to do a Meet & Greet soon because I know a lot of you guys are visiting Hong Kong for Summer. I had the most fun meeting you guys in my last Meet & Greet. I plan to do it beginning July but I'll let you guys know when I gather more information yeah? It will be swell to meet you guys. Maybe we can get ice cream and just hang out in general.

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  • I love my Best Friend


    Today during dinner, I was talking to my boyfriend and he mentioned how little 'girly friends' I have because I tend to get on better with guys. Immediately, I tried to disagree but actually this is true. My guy friends CONSTANTLY question whether I am really a girl which is funny because my parents do the same thing.

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  • Different sides of me


    Recently in an interview, I was asked why I seemed so 'normal' in my Bubzbeauty channel while coming across as 'crazy' in my Bubbiosity channel. I thought this was such a great question that I wanted to share the answer in a diary post as well.

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  • High School Girls


    After 4 months, I'm back with a Bubbiosity video and this time, featuring Ricky, Leon and Tim. I had so much fun writing, directing and filming this. It's all about High School and the different groups of people. I laughed NON STOP whilst editing this and you guys will see why. Big thanks to my boys for helping me out.


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