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  • Make a Wish


    I received the most beautiful message the other day from 2 beautiful sisters and thinking about it puts a MASSIVE smile on my face. I don't know if you guys have heard of 'Make a Wish' foundation, if not, it's basically a meaningful foundation that grants wishes to brave children who are sick. Their family decided that they want to fly to Hong Kong to see little me as a wish. Can you believe that? What an honour!

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  • I'M ALIVE!


    It's currently 2.29AM meaning that it's no longer the 21st May in Hong Kong. I'M STILL ALIVE!


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  • World is ending?


    Is the World going to End? So apparently a guy predicted that the World is going to end today. He says a huge earthquake is going to occur and disasters are going to keep coming until October 21st. I had so many tweets from worried followers stressed out regarding this.

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  • Vampires of Hong Kong


    Lately, I keep getting bitten by mosquitos and it all started when I went to Tai Po to have dinner with my grandparents. 

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  • Welcome everybody!


    Welcome to the new Bubzbeauty website! I have been waiting for this day for so long!!! It’s finally here and I can’t even believe it...

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