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  • The things money can't buy


    I’m like in the most amazing mood today that I can’t even believe it. I think it’s to do with the whole ‘figured it out’ thing...

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  • Bubz gone emo O_o


    Hey everybody! I have been SO EMOTIONAL lately!! I am normally never like this but must be all the natural disasters and everything coming together making me all sensitive. I apologise for being so…

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  • Sleep deprived & weight loss


    Ahh no good no good! I have been sleeping at 6am every night and eating one meal a day. Losing weight day by day =_=

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  • So HAPPY


    I decided to do a 24 hour charity BlogTV show to raise funds to help victims of Japan’s devastating Tsunami Earthquake. It was absolutely CRAZY looking back...

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  • There's Hope


    I woke up to hear about the tragedy in Japan and suddenly ALL of the problems that I have ever had in my lifetime felt so minor and silly. Nothing is more important than your loved ones being safe from danger.

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