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  • Big Bang & Asian Supermarkets


    I LOVE going to supermarkets because all the food excites me. But what is UP with the tiny aisles in Hong Kong? Can only fit like one person per aisle lol...

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  • My skin is breaking out!


    My skin was at it’s worse (well compared to recent few months) last week. It’s been a while since my skin decided to break into clumps of pimples around my nose, cheeks, forehead and chin...

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  • Contest Time!


    I recently launched a Commercial Contest and within a few days, I have already watched hundreds of entries! It’s awesome waking up to your entry videos and getting to see my viewers (finally).

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  • Kdramas, Ramen and Acne


    So what have I been up to… well of course, still catching up with DREAM HIGH because you guys know I am immensely obsessed.  Watched episode 15 last night and I gushed when Pil Sook and Jason kissed!!!!

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  • DREAM HIGH!!!!


    It’s about 6 musically talented students who enter a Performing Arts school hoping to chase their dreams and debut as successful singers. The drama has made me smile, laugh, teary and very happy.

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