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Hello from Me!


Hello friends of the earth!

Man, it's been forever since I properly sat down to type out a little blog. Well, since I got videos importing and some time to burn- I figured I'll do a little catch up with you guys. 

If you guys aren't aware already, your girl is currently 33 weeks pregnant. Even typing this out I'm like, really? 33 WEEKS? It almost sounds insane. Time is a tricky thing isn't it?

So I've been spending most of my days wobbling around. I never thought I'll be the wobbling type. Truth is, I never expected my baby bump to be so humongous. Even my doctor is shocked. Everywhere I go, people ask me if I'm about to pop anyday. I tell them that I still got a good 2 months and their eyes widen in fear. So I'm not gonna lie guys. My mood hasn't been spectacular. A woman's hormones can already be so scary but throw in the pregnancy hormones and forget about it. You got the perfect combination for emotional break down. One minute you are laughing and the next, you are crying because you put your shoe on the wrong foot. I can't even bear to watch much TV nowadays because I just get so emotional watching the news.

I want to thank you guys for your prayers about the pelvic pain. I'm not gonna go on much about it but in a nut shell, let's just say "SCREW YOU SYMPHYSIS PUBIS DYSFUNCTION!!!". Oh how I used to take standing and walking for granted. Nobody told me about this. Ok, I know it's pretty common but unfortunately, I got more of the severe case. I've always considered myself to have a high pain tolerance but oh man... the pain receptors have been getting the best of me. Tim, if you are reading this- I am sorry that I've been a "tad" edgy but in my defense, this is all your fault. Anyways, I kinda went off track on whining mode so sorry about that. Yeah, I can really say that I really think your prayers are doing something. I've been feeling a LOT better physically and mentally. Thank you everybody! Besides, I am actually very thankful that Peanut is growing healthy inside my belly. I'm thankful for a healthy baby. 

Woh, it's suddenly raining like CRAZY outside. 

Few days ago, Chubbi knocked a huge glass of water over my laptop and pretty much KO'ed my laptop. At that moment, I was mad at her. Why is she always climbing up the table? Because she knows that we use the table to eat so she's always wondering if there's food there. It was my fault. Well, it was pregnancy brain's fault. I had spent countless hours of work making a few videos and I had been so proud. My sister always told me that if a problem can be solved with money, it's not a problem. So I wasn't as bummed about the laptop breaking but I had so much memories in my laptop. I was bummed out with myself. Nonetheless, sighing about it won't make anything better so I told myself to man up and deal with it. The repair guy said my hard drive is actually damaged so he will try his best but no promises. I'm sorry if the Bubzbeauty channel has been MIA for so long guys. As the pregnancy progresses, I just find myself getting more and more tired so motivation has been a bit more difficult. Maybe my body is just trying to get as much rest before the hustle and bustle when Peanut gets here. With that being said, I've always loved being productive. I'm not quite sure what to do with free time and it frustrates me to be bored. I believe I just need to learn a healthy balance and cherish being able to enjoy relaxation. I always put pressure on myself which isn't healthy. Why do we do that? Hopefully things will be more on track very soon guys. I hope you understand =) 



Tahiti, one of the most amazing places I've ever visited in my life. I still think about it everyday =) Tim promises that one day he will bring me back. 


In less than 6 weeks time will be Tim and I's one year wedding anniversary. This year has just been so amazing. I think about our awesome wedding, honeymoon, finding out we're about to being parents, babymoon and just married life in general. It just makes me feel so so blessed. Not sure what we're gonna do for the anniversary since all I want to do is stay home these days. I'm just too slow for quick paced Hong Kong. Maybe just go for a nice dinner or catch a movie or something. Something simple but nice =) Gotta cherish these days where it's just him and I even if it's a trip to the grocery store.



Almost been a year since I married the dork of my dreams =)


Tim will also be celebrating his 28th birthday on the 25th August. It's just so weird because the first time I met him, he was only 16. I managed to celebrate every birthday with him since and I hope we will have many more to come. 


Tim hanging up Peanut's freshly washed tiny clothes. My Bubba is all grown up and ready to become a father (damn you pregnancy hormones, here comes the waterworks again). 


Some of you have been asking how the bracelets are going. We're still making progress =) Things are moving along so hopefully won't be too long before I can share the creations with you guys. 


Ok! I think it's time to grab some lunch. I hope you guys have been enjoying July so far. Have a safe blessed week everybody. It's now that I reached the end of this post that I realised how much I've grown up this year. I'm finally becoming a big girl now (gets emotional again). 


Love, Bubz xx






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