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My Baby Diaries: The 1st Trimester



Ok... Tim finally knows we're about to become parents. Now what? =D



29th December 2013

Oh man, the tiredness is starting to settle in. I feel constantly sedated these days and my energy feels like it's running on low. There can only be one explannation. I have a VAMPIRE BABY!!! I joke! Baby must be busy doing a lot of growing. Keep it up, little one! Aside from the fatique, things have been very good. I have immense bloating going on so I can't eat very much (although I'm always hungry). Everytime I eat, my gut feels mega uncomfortable. Oh the gas! Bless Tim. I'm like a human whopping cushion. 

With the New Years parties coming up, I'm going to need an excuse to not go out now.  I hate lying but it has to be done. 

Tomorrow, we have our first doctors appointment. I'm so excited. 

Boobs enjoy being itchy when I'm out in public. It's like puberty all over again. It's all good. I have mastered the discreet scratching using the folded arms technique. 

Tim and I walked into a baby store today out of curiosity. Everything overwhelmed us. We have a lot of reading to do. No need to worry. Still got lots of time. How do breast pumps work again?



30th December 2013

Hmm, I guess I should get used to peeing in little cups. Went to our first doctors appointment today to confirm pregnancy and for a little health check. My heart and liver is healthy. Feeling a bit silly though. The doctor asked me to sit on the bed. Me, being a tiny person realised the bed was too high for me so I put both hands on the bed and bounced myself up. She was not impressed and scolded me >.< Aiyah! Bad Bubz.

I told her that sometimes I get mini pains on my left side. She said it should be no problem as long as it's not mega painful along with bleeding. Will need to go back for an early scan in 2 weeks time to make sure it's not an ectopic pregnancy. Praying for a healthy pregnancy! 

Realised that the pregnancy gas starts coming in just 10 minutes after each meal. To make them sound cuter, I decided to call them baby farts. Don't let the cute name fool you. Luckily, everybody loves their own brew (HAHAHA.... sorry tmi). 


1st Janauary 2014

I'm waking up happy and refreshed and turns out, I'm gonna have a productive New Years Day after all =D Last night, the surge of fear overwhelmed me again. I started to panic knowing my life will no longer be about me. I hated that I felt this way but I did. I panicked. We don't have much family in Hong Kong so where will we get help if we need it? Where are we going to have this baby? What's gonna happen to our plans once the baby gets here? 

Since it was New Years Eve, I was wondering if I should even go out and celebrate now that I'm now pregnant. It's an event with lots of booze. I'll have to make excuses for ditching the champayne for juice. I originally decided to stay home. Tim told me he has to go out because he promised his friends and he keeps his words. I completely understood this.

Then, I realised this was going to be my last year celebrating New Years Eve without a baby. Next year, I won't be able to go out to these events. So, I felt sorry for myself. It's New Years Eve and I'll be home alone doing nothing. It was nothing to feel sympathy for. To be honest, normally I would see New Years Eve as just another day so I'm just gonna blame the hormones.

So Tim asked me to go out and promised it will be an easy going night. It will be an open roof party. Nobody will force me to drink. We will do the count down, watch the fireworks and go home shortly. I smiled and agreed. It will be a nice chilled night with friends as we catch up under the stars. At least that was my vision of it. How wrong was I?

Getting out was a nightmare because the trains were PACKED. There were no stars but just masses of heavily drunk party people pushing each other around. I got alcohol spilt all over my coat and even my hair. The atmosphere was filled with smoke. I escaped as much as possible but I felt horrible that I was putting my growing baby inside me through this. I tried to escape to as many open spaces as I could but I didn't want to wander so far on my own. I never took much thought to realise there are actually a lot of smokers out there. My feet hurt. Turns out there wasn't many places to sit. There was glass all over the floor so I was extra careful when walking. Music was blasting. Some fights even broke out. It was supposed to be a merry atmosphere but I see lots of people crying. Turns out, alcohol can make people very very emotional and even violent. After the fireworks, we couldn't get home so soon because it was so packed that there were blockages. Going home took forever. Despite being happy that I was able to celebrate the New Year with my friends, my favourite part last night was when I got home. I realised I am so not going to miss this. I'm so ready to move on. I never enjoyed the party scene. Why did I think I was missing out? 

I never normally go out too much. I guess when I realised I will be giving it up altogether real soon, it made me waver. Now I realise I will not be missing the partying. I'm officially hanging up my dancing shoes (not that I even owned a pair haha). Seeing Chubbi and Domo greet me made my night. Washing the smoke off my hair felt amazing. Tucking myself into bed felt so good. Oh how amazing the little things in life are. 

I will just stop worrying and just have faith that God has a plan in my life, in Tim's life and in baby peanut's life. I have no control over the future. I will just do the best I can. 


Dear Peanut,

This New Years Eve felt a little more special. I now know your presence. Knowing you're "here" with me already amazes me to know I'm never actually alone. Everyday, I think about you and I pray you will continue to grow healthy inside my tummy. Thank you for choosing us as your parents. Last night, your mummy waved goodbye to her old life and is now ready to embrace you into 2014.  You are very very loved. 



3rd January 2014

Oh my! I woke up 3 hours ago and I am mega sleepy already. I love planning and editing videos but I'm spending my days in bed. I feel so lazy XD. Oh well, I guess I better cherish these naps. 

Another thing. Peanut doesn't want to eat anything healthy. I try my best to eat lots of fruit and veggies but I'm craving junk food. Couldn't resist but order McDonalds Delivery. It will take one hour. Should I take the mini nap now? Mcdonalds and sleep. Yep, what a combo! 

On the plus side, I'm thankful that baby is good to me. No crankiness. No nausea. No baby gas (thank goodness) anymore. It's really just fatigue. I wake up 3-4 times (at least) everynight to empty the bladder but then again, I do drink a lot of water. I watched a pregnancy documentary today. The birth part traumitised me. HOW DO MOTHERS DO THIS? I need to call my mum and apologise to her RIGHT NOW. I am certain our baby is going to have a massive head thanks to daddy. Tim's mum always tells me that she was gonna give up giving birth to Tim because his head was so enormous. I'm gonna tell myself that Peanut is gonna have a normal sized head. Although mummy Bubz was a natural apparently. She always brags how easy it was for her so hey, I might take after her. 


8th January

Last night as I was taking my shower, I was like "Hmm... who are these boobies?". Then I looked into the mirror and I was like "Sweeeeet". It was a pleasant surprise. The swelling does make them hurt though. I was pretty proud of myself yesterday. I managed to go through the entire day without feeling the need to nap. Was constantly working for a flat out 16 hours and I actually had lots of energy. Before, I would wake up and feel sleepy right away. It felt like I was sedated for most of the day. Tim calls it my stoner face. 

I don't think I have any weird cravings yet though... Please don't come. I love my food too much to give any up. 

Another 2 days and I will be 6 weeks pregnant. Half way through first trimester wohooo. My abs feel achey though. When I stretch to get something, it's like ouchies!!!! Peanut is the size of a lentil right now. So Cute. Although why is my poo green? TMI much? No such thing! 


10th January!!! I spent the entire day just feeling bummed out. I don't mind the nausea but the tiredness is making me so lazy. I don't have the mood or energy to do anything. I don't even feel like I have energy to go out and do errands with Tim. I have a huge CBA sign across my forehead. I have been a bit afraid to work out since finding out about the pregnancy. I did some light aerobics today to destress my frustrated mind. Hoping I will regain energy soon. Not used to being so lazy >.< I guess it's just my body telling me it needs rest for the baby. Time to stop thinking about being tired and focus on the energy I have. On the plus side, still no puking. Awh yeah!


15th January

I was just going to wait for the 12 week scan but I had been wondering "What if I imagined this pregnancy all along?". I was still worried about the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. My sister in law recommended me to do an early scan for a peace of mind. I got to see our baby today! 

At only 7 weeks pregnant, I wondered if it will be like Friends where Rachel cries because she can't see her baby. The second I looked at the screen, I saw Peanut right away. My eyes widened with amazement. Peanut looked just like an actual peanut. I saw the heartbeat flicker before my eyes. I didn't imagine this all along afterall. There really is a separate heartbeat inside of me. It looked so cute. 



Hello Peanut! Add oil and continue to grow healthy for us. You have your daddy's massive head already!!! Not really because at this point, the head is supposed to make up for most of the body tehee...


23rd January 2014

8 weeks today! Baby has been very good to me. Out of 7 days, I'm probably only nauseous for about 2 days but the tiredness is through the roof. It's all good because Peanut must be doing lots of growing. We collected my gran from the airport today and did lots of driving and walking. I see how patient and caring Tim is with my granny and I just know he's going to be such an amazing father one day. My granny is almost 80 so she's forgetful and asks a lot of questions. Tim answers each one with an intentive attitude (despite answering the same questions over and over hehe). I SWORE I saw a bump last night. It was super obvious even though I was wearing black (although it was a pretty tight dress). Even Tim was like, "WOHHH". Is it possible to get a bump this early? Then I woke up and did a number 2 and it disappeared =_=". Despite being mega tired, I have kicked the napping habit once and for all. 


4-weeks 7-weeks


Obviously at 4 weeks, there's barely a bump but at 7 weeks, my shirt is already looks tight here. I'll take a picture when I hit 9 weeks. 


 24th January 2014

At only 8 & half weeks, I am so BLOATED. I attended a wedding yesterday and picking an outfit was kinda difficult. I went for something that's fitted in the upper half but loose at the bottom. When I was sitting in the taxi, Tim looked over and was like "Wow babe... Look at that bump". I looked down and I was trying to figure out if it's all bloating or a mini bump. I spent the entire night covering my mid section with my handbag. Then, I had to dodge the drinks too. All I ever want to eat these days is mangoes and chilled oranges. I'm peeing like at least 20 times a day. What else? Oh, starting to get out of breath easily these days (although Tim finds it mega cute hehe).  


4th February 2014

Just woke up from a 12 hour sleep. It's been a while since I had one of those. Although it was all broken up sleep from waking up every hour to go to the bathroom. Almost at 10 weeks now. I had a scan last week because I had a little bit of spotting and my doctor recommended to go check it out. Baby is fine! Let me get a picture up for you guys.




Look at that!! Looks like Peanut is inside a heart <3 Doesn't he/she look comfy? Probably just snoozing away. I had a hard time telling which side is the head but apparently it's the left side guys. I can't wait to return in 2 weeks to see him/her again. 


12th February 

I'm almost at 11 weeks. Pregnancy has been great! My energy is coming back and my appetite is on fire. It's going to be Valentines day in 2 days and usually Tim and I don't care for this "holiday" but we just want to do on as many dates as possible before little one gets here. Tim asked if I wanted a romantic fining experience (expensive yet you never feel full afterwards) or all you can eat buffet. You kidding me? ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET PLEASE! Don't worry. I will be careful about the food guys. Only another 10 days until our next scan. I don't want to wait so long. Oh, I forgot to upload my 10 week baby bump for you guys. Let me go ahead and do that. 



Should've worn a tighter shirt but Peanut is slowly and surely showing through. Keep growing, little one!

I'm still working out but following prenatal fitness DVDs right now. You recover much quicker when you exercise throughout pregnancy. 


21st February 2014

We made it into the 2nd trimester safely! WOHOOOO! *virtual high 5* I think my energy levels are almost back to normal too. Today, seeing Peanut on the screen was so magical. He no longer looks like a peanut but now resembles a little human now. I had been getting little pains on my left side so I had been a little worried. Then I saw the little heartbeat flicker and it was an instant peace of mind. BOY! Did Peanut also move a lot!! Well more spinning around. Actually, let me just show you guys the ultrasound scan.


Doesn't it look like Peaunt is waving to us? Hello little one!!! Look at the little fingers and oh, the little pot belly! Head is looking huge but don't worry, all babies have massive heads at this stage. It just felt so much more real today. I can't wait to start feeling the little kicks and punches now. 

I forgot to take a 12 week baby bump picture but I did take a quick picture of my 11 week bump with my phone for my friends. They didn't believe me when I told them I was sporting a mini bump already. This time, it's not from bloating guys hehe.




This looks like the final entry of the First Trimester post. Reading back from the beginning was actually a lot of fun =')  I hope you guys enjoyed walking the first trimester for me hehe. I'll be uploading the pregnancy vlogs very soon! I talk more about my pregnancy in detail there. I'm nervous about them XD. 



Actually! Here is my 12 week baby bump picture guys. Took it today ^_~ 


Have a wonderful weekend guys! I'll be seeing you in my 2nd trimester baby diaries hehe.




Love, Bubz xx





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