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We're Having A Baby!


We're having a baby!!!!




By the time you read this post, I'm guessing you've already watched our annoucement video. We're not good with words so decided it will be easier (and cute) to do a riddle video instead hehe. What's even more awesome is, it means I'm already on my second trimester too! Virtual high 5 for making it safely through the first trimester. 

I don't even know where to begin guys. I feel like I'm so tongue tied despite having so much to say. My question is, were you surprised? I know a few people who were suspicious but most of you didn't see it coming bwahahaha. 



And here is the video of Tim's reaction to finding out he is about to become a daddy. 



Has it been tough hiding this pregnancy for the past 3 months? Mmm... surprisingly no! We actually enjoyed keeping this little secret with our small circle of friends. I really thought the first trimester would be long and draggy but for some reason, it just flew by. It could be because I slept through most of it, hehe. Either way, we're even happier to share the news now. 

I feel like you guys have been right here with us as we got engaged and married. Now, we're walking into parenthood together!



I think the picture above pretty much sums up our last few months. We're so clueless guys! I'm gonna need LOTS OF help and advice from the yummy mummies out there. 


Honestly, I am still freaked out (but more amazed) that I am growing a little person inside of me. We only have 6 months to prepare until Peanut gets here. I feel like there is so much to do.  Breatheeee, everything is going to be ok. Right now, we just want our little one to be healthy. I'm very thankful because Peanut has been so good to me. I think I've had a pretty easy pregnancy so far. 

In these 3 months, I've filmed secret pregnancy vlogs for you guys. I'll be uploading them soon. Honestly, it just felt great being able to share my experiences and thoughts. I wasn't able to tell people during the time so it felt SO GOOD being able to talk to you guys as if I was talking to a girlfriend infront of me about what I was experiencing. I am the first to be pregnant one out of my friend circle right now so it does feel a little scary but I know it's gonna be great. Hopefully I'll be able to provide lots of support for them when they become mummies in the future. 

Everyday, I'm constantly rubbing my growing belly. I wonder if the baby will inherit my creativity or Tim's intelligence. I wonder if the baby will be optimistic like me or mischievious like daddy. What if baby inherits my stubborn attitude? I just want our child to grow up to be a good person. I don't care if he/she isn't successful. As long as he/she is a decent person. Sometimes, I worry about our baby's future. However, I put it all to God because I know He will have a plan for our little one like He does for each and every single one of us. 

This pregnancy is the biggest thing happening in our lives right now and we're just so blessed to be able to share the great news with you guys. Some of you might be wondering what the future is going to be like now. I'm not going to lie guys. My filming schedule may suffer (especially in the first few months). Right now is just a time for me to prioritise my family. I can tell you guys that I will NOT forget about you guys. I really hope you guys will understand. Nonetheless, I will try my best. 




Before I end the post, I just want to let you guys know that I've been writing little baby diary entries. I pretty much recorded everything I was feeling along with little cute pictures. It's been so much fun and I know it will be amazing reading back to these entries. 

Read my Baby Diaries here!

It's time to help the hubby prepare dinner! Peanut needs to be fed. Currently craving shepherds pie!

I love you guys so much!


Love, Bubz xx





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