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Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Pack


The Laneige strawberry yogurt pack was actually the very first Laneige product that I’ve tried. The second I applied the goodness on my skin, I knew I would love it. I already LOVE to use natural yogurt on my skin so any yogurt type masks are always appreciated. It leaves my skin super soft and nourished whilst also toning my skin and keeping it elastic. I actually love to do facial massages (I promise a facial massage video one day) because it helps tone my face making my face pointier and while most people like to use facial oils, I love to use my strawberry yogurt pack. It helps to lubricate the skin while I massage my face and I know nutrients are absorbed into my skin better from massaging; brightens up a dull complexion giving me radiant skin.

I use it every other day and I actually keep it on my face for about 20 minutes. Depending on my mood, sometimes I just wipe off with tissue and sometimes I rinse off with cold water. Either way, my skin feels so much more supple after using this strawberry pack.

I think the Strawberry Peeling Mask and Yogurt Pack are probably my favourite products from Laneige. You can even keep it in the fridge so it feels refreshing when you apply it on your skin.

Of course, you can always DIY by mixing natural yogurt with strawberry. It's great for moisturizing the skin and fighting blemishes while also toning the face.

Yogurt all the way!

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