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Circle Lenses


This post is going to be about Circle Lenses. You guys are constantly asking me to make a video solely talking about them. I’m going to tell you guys why I am reluctant to.

The reason that I don’t want to make a video introducing circle lenses and talking about them in detail (even though I do wear them quite frequently) is because I’m afraid it will encourage girls to reach a stage where they will DEPEND on them. Yes, depend on them! If you wear circle lenses yourself already, you may know what I’m talking about.

Sometimes, when I hear girls tell me that I’m like a role model to them- I panic. Of course it is a compliment but will I be able to do a good job? I can only try my best. Obviously I’m a human being and I have lots of physical flaws as well as mental flaws. I make mistakes everyday but the most important thing is that we all learn from our mistakes (I know I did lol).

What are circle lenses?


Basically, they are a special type of lens that makes the iris of the eyes appear bigger. Inspired by anime eyes, the product is of course created in Japan. The lens itself has a larger diameter than a regular lens thus giving an illusion of a large round iris. It is VERY popular in Asia and recently, the trend has spread globally. Many people say that Lady Gaga is the one that started the trend. No, you are wrong because circle lenses have been around years before this so called hype. To be honest, I saw Ayumi Hamasaki wear them first. Not Gaga! They could’ve been out well before Ayumi. Who knows?

Are Circle Lenses safe, Bubz?
Honestly guys, it really depends. I can’t speak for all lenses because there are some dodgy lenses out there! It depends on your hygiene because just like your ordinary contact lenses, you MUST always clean your hands before taking your lenses out. You must sterilize your contact lens container daily and you must make sure they won’t become contaminated. If you don’t take care of your circle (or ordinary) lenses properly, your eyes can become infected. Been there, done that! Not pretty! Not fun!

Don’t over wear your circle lenses. Let’s be honest, no circle lens will feel as safe and comfortable as your ordinary contact lenses. Your eyes will feel dry and tired so  don’t wear them for long periods of time. Over 8 hours is already pushing it.

It also depends on the types of lenses you wear because I have had TERRIBLE experiences with some contact lenses. Because there is a HUGE expansion of circle lenses in the market, there are A LOT of fakes. This means some lenses will be cheaper but lower quality. Your eyes deserve the BEST because you have only one set of peepers to last your entire lifetime.

Becareful when buying lenses and always make sure the website or store is reliable. Not only should you check if your circle lenses are authentic, check if it’s going to irritate your eyes. Look at the % of phema in the contact lenses; as the lower the phema, the comfier experience with your lenses. The higher the phema content, the less oxygen can get to your eyes hence the shorter period you should wear them.

My experience with Circle Lenses
I’m going to admit that I became dependant on circle lenses when I was in University. I was amazed how much my eyes sparkled and even more amazed that my eyes can still stand out without the need to wear makeup on my eyes. I like to sleep as much as I can before class - so applying makeup and doing my hair was not an option for me.

I stopped wearing them for about 2 years because I realised my dependence on the lenses was becoming unhealthy. My eyes started to feel strained and it stung when I stared into light. I realised it was because I was wearing my circle lenses too often and it restrained my eyes from getting enough oxygen. Along with this, I didn’t handle my circle lenses too well. Bad Bubz! But hey, I was just a teen and we all make lil mistakes =_=

It’s only more recently (start of 2010) that I started to get back into wearing them again. I’m not as dependant on them as I used to be and when I do, it’s only the Dali-Brown lenses. They're probably the most natural looking lenses that I have come across so far. They're mostly clear so it shows more of your natural eye colour. They feel softer and lighter than most lenses that I’ve ever tried. Most days I will wear my ordinary 2 weekly disposable contact lenses and maybe 1 or 2 days a week, I’ll wear my circle lenses for dinner dates, filming videos or for occasions I’ll be taking lots of photos etc.

I think what’s also very important is that you have a healthy regimen of how often to wear your circle lenses. Don’t let the circle lenses wear you by becoming dependant on them. If you are home, wear your glasses instead just to give your eyes a break so they can breathe more. Every so often, break down the protein of your lenses by adding a few drops of contact lens solution in your palm and gently rolling back & forth.

Keep your eyes healthy and happy =)


The safeness of circle lenses really depend on how you take care of your lenses and the source you buy them from. To be honest, my experience with them has been pleasant so far. I had an eye infection in the past because I over wore my lenses myself and didn’t clean them properly.

To me, the real ‘danger’ is when people become reliable on them. It’s still extremely important to let the eyes breathe so definitely don’t over wear them.


without circle lenses


Wearing Dali Brown circle lenses

I believe all eyes are beautiful big or small. It gives us the best gift, the ability to see. Thank you sight!

Now hurry up and release ep 16 of Dream High so I can watch the ending!!! ^_^

Stay well guys,

Bubz x

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