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Korean makeup trend

The Korean makeup is definitely the leading trend in Asia right now. So many people want to know how to achieve that beautiful flawless face that looks youthful and innocent.

When we see our favourite Korean actresses on TV, we wonder how can they look so beautiful while looking as if they don’t have much makeup on? I made a video called ‘No Makeup Makeup’ a little while ago but I’m just going to go through the beauty must-haves if you want to achieve the Korean makeup trend.

I feel that Korean makeup focuses more on a clean canvas with a bolder matte lip. I know what you’re thinking! “Not everybody can pull it off Bubz, they only look great from all the surgical work.” I know people say South Korean girls and guys are famous for getting plastic surgery. But I honestly think the makeup is beautiful itself regardless who sports it.

Foundation/BB cream
This is a must-have for Korean Makeup. With the right type of foundation, uneven skin, scars and redness can be concealed so skin looks clear and even. Of course, this does not mean MASKING your face with lots of foundation. You don’t want your face to look cakey or too oily, you want a porcelain glowy complexion.

Eyebrow Pencil/Powder
Eyebrows are a huge deal. Full yet groomed brows give an innocent, kind and youthful appearance. It will frame the face nicely making face appear slimmer. Use powder for a more natural finish and pencil if you prefer more precision. Make sure the front of your brows are filled in using the lightest shade, medium shade on the arch and darkest on the brow end. If your entire brow is heavily filled in, you can end up looking angry.

Eyeliner & Mascara
Line the upper lash line with a soft khol pencil and apply liquid liner over to open up the eyes so you look more awake. Curl lashes and apply one to two coats of mascara. Don’t apply too much because clumps look unnatural.

Matte lipstick
Apply lip balm first so lips are soft and flake-free, then coat lips with a matte lipstick that’s either a natural peach, soft pale red or perhaps a bolder florescent shade. When lips are pale, a person can look ill; so pigmented lips can instantly give you pop of life. Since Spring Trend 2011 is all about bold lips and natural face, you can go for any daring shade.

In general, these are the main areas to focus on; face, eyebrows, eyelashes and lips. You can of course dust a little blush on your cheeks or apply some clear gloss but if you got any of above, you are 80% there.


Song Hye Kyo is popular for being the face of Korean Makeup because she is the face of Laneige, Korea’s leading cosmetic brand. Her canvas looks flawlessly clean and fresh. Her brows remain looking very full and youthful. You can see she doesn’t have much blush on her cheeks and most colour focuses on her lips. On her eyes, she’s wearing a golden brown shimmery shade so light bounces off making the eyes shimmer.


Park Shin Hye looks adorable. Her lips are nicely pigmented with a rosy pink. Even though there is not much colour in her face, her lips help her look healthy.


Suzi (Miss A) uses brown eyeliner to lightly line the outer V of her eyes so they look longer and wider. Instead of using black, she uses brown as it appears more natural and softer, complimenting her soft brown hair. Again, you can see her lips are rosy and cute.


I’m sure this picture is digitally enhanced but you can see how groomed eyebrows make a massive difference. Her eyes stand out so much because her brows now frame her already beautiful face. She has eyeliner on her upper lash line, white shimmery eyeshadow in her inner corners, rosy cheeks and peach lips. Oh! She is also wearing circle lenses which certainly helps the eyes stand out when not much eye makeup is applied.

Take good care of your skin because the better your skin, the less makeup you’ll need to wear. Let your skin drink up lots of water and make sure you get plenty of rest so your skin repairs itself as you sleep. Pamper your skin as often as you can (I love sheet masks) and exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead skin cells to avoid clogged pores.

I know sheet masks can be expensive so I just use Beauty Diary masks (I LOVE to buy them when they are on offer) because they are cheap and cheerful. I used to spend $$$ on expensive branded sheet masks but I realised daily use of inexpensive masks have been working well for me.


Looking scary when mask is on…Leave for about 25 minutes…do de dum…


But once mask comes off, feels like all the dullness, dryness and flakiness has transferred into the mask ^_^

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