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Ultimate Fall Look


Hey everyone,

I'm really feeling purple these days. Purple has always been part of the Autumn trend but I've never had the courage to rock purple lips. It took me forever to find my perfect purple lipstick (MAC Violetta). The trick to wear purple lipstick is to wear it with clean eyes and bold brows for a high fashion look. I guarantee you will stand out with this simple yet sophisticated look. 





Watch the makeup tutorial here

If you dare, go for a dark plum instead of purple for an even more stylish look. Think Khloe Kardashian. 


I know it seems like I've been even more inactive on my beauty channel. Isaac just keeps me on my toes. The thing is, I know he won't be little for long. I can't believe he is 4 weeks old already. The feeding on demand is tough but I'm cherishing each moment. Before I know it- he will be crawling, then walking, then going to school, university and so on. I want to cuddle and hold him constantly. There's a lot of times I feel stress and guilt for neglecting you guys but my baby needs me more. Fortunately, you guys have been super understanding and become even more supportive these days =) Thank you so much for making things even easier for me. 

Ok, time to feed my little spring roll. 

Take care everyone!

Love, Bubz xx






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