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The Last One: 38 Week Pregnancy Vlog


Dear YT family
Welcome to my 38 Week Pregnancy vlog! This is going to be our last one, guys! What a journey it has been. In just a few days, Isaac will be here in my arms. Feels like yesterday we found out we were expecting. Now fast forward 9 months and here we are. He is no longer a little peanut anymore.
For the last time, I’ll be sharing news, symptoms, thoughts and feelings with you guys. It makes me feel quite emotional actually. I want to thank you all for being here throughout this incredible journey. The love, support and advice you have given me has been amazing. I could not be more thankful. I can’t believe just how much you guys care about little Isaac even though he’s not even here yet. He’s the luckiest baby in the world.
Watch the last pregnancy vlog here:
So on 27th August, I’ll be admitted into hospital and I will be induced on the 28th. I would really really appreciate your prayers guys. I believe faith can do all sorts of miracles. Please pray for us. Pray for a safe smooth delivery and I will be forever thankful.
Thank you once again for walking this journey with us. It’s been an honour sharing the experiences with you guys.  We’re ready to move on to the next chapter together!
- Edit -
I was a little late updating this post on to the website. Tomorrow morning, I'll be headed off to the hospital to stay overnight. Then, the morning after I'll be induced. Can't wait to meet Isaac! Please keep us in your prayers guys!
Love, Bubz xx

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