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Easy Bridal / Prom Hair


Hello sweet peas,



I'm going to be filming lots of prom / wedding hair tutorials for the next few weeks and I'm starting off with this simple but beautiful hairstyle. If I were to imagine a princess from a fairytale, this would be the hairstyle she would wear. This hairstyle is everything romantic and elegant. 

This hairstyle is perfect for a wedding whether you're the bride or bridesmaid, proms and for formal events. With the right hair accessories, you can dress theme it for any occasion. If you folks have difficulty with 'braiding' types of hairstyles, this is the one for you. It's easy peasy.

Check out this easy hair tutorial below:


 Some tips on creating this hairstyle

- For any hairstyle to look good and last long, you need good pins. Especially when you're securing larger sections of hair, use bigger pins. Make sure they have a nice weight on them and that they're sturdy. It's much better than using lots of crappy weak pins that you have to throw away after each use. Go to your local hair supply store to find stronger bobby pins with good grip.

- You can create this hairstyle with straight hair but it's the curls that makes the hairstyle romantic and elegant.

- Use a teasing comb rather than a regular comb. It means you don't have to tease so vigoriously and it gives better results too.

- Instead of using floral hair accessories, hair clips with rhinestones will work beautifully too. A tiara will look beautiful with this hairstyle. 



Thank you so much for reading/watching and stay tuned for more hair tutorials coming up. I'm so excited yey!!!

Much love, Bubz xx



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