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Hormonal Acne 101

Hello everyone,


So you all know what acne is but what exactly is Hormonal Acne and why is it the most stubborn acne to treat? It may feel like you are doing everything right with your skin (you're using the right products, you're super hygienic, you drink lots of water etc) but somehow, you always seem to be breaking out along the jaw line and chin rather than the T-Zone. 

Here is a Hormonal Acne 101 video for you guys. I'll be sharing why you get it and what you can do to control it.  

Check out the skincare video below:

Hopefully from the video, you'll gather that having clearer skin is not just about what products you use on your face. Your diet, lifestyle and genetics play a huge role too. It's all about having a good balance that works for you because everybody is different. 

Remember, nobody is perfect so please don't let your skin rule your life. Sometimes you feel like you're alone in this but millions of people around the world are experiencing the same thing too. Don't let it get to you. I used to be obsessive about my skin and I was so self conscious, I didn't dare leave the house without wearing a ton of makeup on my face. I thought I was ugly and therefore I judged myself before anybody else did. All the makeup ended up emphasizing my cystic acne and because I wasn't washing my face properly, it made my skin worse. 

Despite knowing all this information now and applying it into my life, my skin is still far from perfect but it's fine. All I know is my skin is MUCH better than how it used to be. You'll eventually find the balance right for your skin too. For now, start by thinking positive about your skin.

I was a bit sickly that day so I took some medication before filming and I think it made me extra crazy. Don't mind me guys. I was clearly having too much fun that day. 

Have a wonderful weekend guys.

Much love, Bubz xx


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