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Get READY With Me ♥

Hello my little pots of gold under the rainbow,

So I hear this 'Get Ready With Me' tag is pretty popular on Youtube these days (that or I am just slow with catching on Youtube video trends lol) so I thought it will be fun to film myself doing my makeup, hair and choosing my outfit for the night. 

Check out the video below:

I'm still going through this Princess obsession. I use every chance I can get to wear my little tiara hair band. I love how it makes me feel glam but casual at the same time.


Because the tiara hair band is so girly and cutesy, I thought I'll make the makeup edgier instead rather than a typical sweet attempt. Instead of cutesy curls, I decided to make the hair fun and wild. The whole idea of the makeup & hair is to cross 'CUTE' and 'EDGY' together so it's more of a Princess Rock look. As for the outfit, I decided to wear a black tutu dress which had a ballet/princess feel but I matched a sweater with it to dress it down so it looks more casual and less girly. 

I know the dramatic eyeliner isn't for everybody's taste. That's fine ^^ Makeup is subjective and what matters the most is I liked it and I had fun experimenting with a different look. How do you rock a look? From confidence.

I had a lot of fun filming this video so let me know if you want more of these. It's nice filming a video without much planning. Maybe I'll make a 'Get ready with me 'video for day time or perhaps a sweeter girly attempt to the princess look?

Thank you so much for watching!

Have a great week everyone.

Much love, Bubz xx


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