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My Boyfriend Does My Makeup!

Hey cuties!! 

I think one of the most requested videos I get is the  'Boyfriend Does My Makeup' tag. Believe me, if you follow my blog you will know I have been trying to convince him to do this tag for a very very very long time. He just always made excuses like Diablo 3 or DOTA. Typical eh? 

He actually agreed to doing this tag but kept trying to put it off. I guess he was just nervous about messing up big time. He kept saying "I can't even draw stick men!!!" So cute! So I finally persuaded him to do this tag this afternoon. He was very nervous at the beginning but you can tell he eased up towards the end. He even looks like he's having fun too. 

I'm proud of him! He actually did better than how I expected. However, I already knew he would pick the brightest of colours because he's like a big child. In fact, most of his clothes are colourful because he loves bright and bold colours.  

Check out the fun video below:

I've been reading the comments for the video and I just want to thank you all for being so sweet! I'm so glad the video is making you guys laugh. We had lots of fun ^_^ Hopefully you guys will see Tim again in the future on the Bubzbeauty Channel tehehe. 

Thanks for the makeover Bubba!

My favourite part was when he was trying to teach me to do the 'grandpa face' so he could apply my lipstick hahaha

Thank you so much for reading/watching everyone. We shall speak very soon ^^

Until next time, take care!

Much love, Bubz xx


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