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Starter Makeup Kit for Beginners

Hello hello my babies,

For this Girl Talk episode,  you guys requested a video on "Beginners Guide to a Starter Makeup Kit". Great choice! In fact, I'm wondering why I didn't make this video sooner since I'm asked this question quite a lot. 

I still remember the first time I was introduced to makeup. I was in a department store that was filled with aisles and aisles of makeup. It was overwhelming because I didn't know where to start. Looking back, I cringe because I made so many make up mistakes. If you went to High School with me, you will remember me as the girl who wore orange foundation and bright blue eyeshadow that was badly blended up to the brow bone. When I think back, my teachers didn't tell me off for the sake of High School rules. They probably did it for the sake of saving me from humiliation. 

My advice when starting off with makeup is to start light and just take it easy. You don't have to apply every type of makeup on your face. Not everyone will need foundation, concealer or what so ever. Work with whatever is most comfortable for you. Remember, makeup is here to enhance your beauty, not mask it. So make sure you are wearing the makeup rather than letting the makeup wear you. You may be just comfortable owning a small bag of makeup. You may end up with a vanity table full of makeup. Wherever makeup takes you, just have fun with it and remember to be hygenic. I had severe acne throughout my teen years and my poor makeup hygeine played a huge part in it. So be sure to clean your face thoroughly everynight and keep your makeup tools clean. 

In this video, I'll share my absolute 6 essential makeup products to start with. I then go on to talk about more choices of makeup and finally, on to brushes. I hope you will find this video helpful! I love filming Girl Talk episodes!

Coming up, I'll be discussing the following subjects (not in particular order), Health & Fitness, Not giving in to Peer Pressure and How to show a Guy you like him. If you have more girl talk topics, please comment down below. 

Much love, Bubz xx


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