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Thinking about Your Future, Success & Rivalry

Hey my beautiful ones,

So here is the latest Girl Talk episode. I was meaning to do a beauty related topic for this month but a lot of you requested for the topic to be based on "Thinking about Your Future, Success & Rivalry".  I'm so proud that you guys choose this topic because I'm happy to know you are thinking about your future. 

I know a lot of you are planning your future right now. Some of you might feel confused because you're unsure about your choices and paths. Some of you may feel small/inferior as you compare yourself to your peers. I totally understand and one thing for sure, you're not alone. 

I wanted to also share my story on growing up, dealing with rivalry, breaking expectations, finding success and being happy. I want you guys to know that I also made many mistakes as a teen. It's fine to make mistakes because nobody walks through life mistake-proof. If anything, my mistakes actually taught me many valuable lessons in life. 

We all have our own talents and abilities and too often, we let fear and pressure hindle our ability and choices. We care too much about what others think of us and we're too afraid to do the right thing for ourselves. I had to learn the hard way for sure.

I hope you will find this video helpful and hopefully it will even motivate you for the future.

Thank you so much for choosing such a wonderful topic! 

Much love, Bubz xx


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