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Glasses for your Face Shape

Hello lovelies,

If you don't know already, I'm actually very short sighted. In fact; out of all my friends, I've got the worse eye sight. I started to wear glasses when I was around 9 years old and I still remember my very first frames. They were circular frames, orange (yikes) and had Lion King (wohoo) at the sides. I LOVED THEM!!! Since then, I must've gone through at least 10 pairs. These days, most of you barely see me wearing my glasses since I tend to wear contact lenses for filming purposes. However, I actually wear my glasses 90% of the time. When I'm lounging around, working or editing, my eyes can feel so dry and sore. When we stare at the screen (from our tv, phone, laptop etc) for long periods, it actually causes our eyes to blink less thus causing discomfort. For this reason, glasses tends to be more comfortable for me. I used to feel self conscious wearing my glasses but now I've learnt to embrace them. Not only are they practical, they have become fashion accessories too. 

I will be filming another makeup for glasses tutorial this week (however, the weather has been PMSing all week sigh) and I figured, why not write a post on finding suitable frames that flatter certain face shapes.

Glasses are now fashion accessories too!

I still remember all the times of how I would literally try on every single pair of glasses to see if they looked good on me. It took me such a long time to find the perfect pair that complemented my face shape and hair colour. These days; because I know what frames will flatter my face, it's a lot quicker for me to shop for glasses. 

So today, I'm just going to give a general guide for choosing frames that flatter your face shape. These are just general suggestions, remember you can rock off anything you want with confidence. 

Finding out the shape of your face
An effective way to find out your face shape is to tie all of your hair up so it's out of your face. Stand in front of the mirror and look straight. With a removable felt tip pen or eyeliner pencil, outline your face shape's reflection. What does the shape look like to you?

Choosing the right frames

Square/Angular Face Shape
A angular face is characterized by a strong jaw, square chin and a wide angular forehead. 

The key is to soften the angles of the face to give an illusion of a longer face. Choose oval frame that has more width than depth. To make the face look slimmer, choose an oval frame that's arched upwards (upswept) at the sides.

Round FaceA round face is characterized by plump cheeks, curved jawline and hairline. The width and length of the face tends to be similar too. 

The key is to make the face look more defined. Choose a narrow rectangular face to elongate & slim down the face. To focus attention on to the upper half of the face, choose upswept frames. 

Oblong Face
An oblong face is characterized by a high narrow forehead and face length being longer than face width. 

The key is to shorten the face. Choose wide frames to add width to the face and to add roundness. Broad frames will break up the length of the face and decorative rims will help to create balance.

Oval Face
An Oval face is charactized by balanced proportions.


Most frames will work on you. Lucky duck! The key is to keep the balanced proportions so avoid frames that are too big for your features. 

Heart Shaped Face

A heart shaped face is characterized by a small chin, wide forehead and cheeks.

See the difference between the two frames?

The key is to widen the lower half of the face. Low set and rounded narrow frames will soften the forehead. You can even choose frames with detailing on the lower rims to focus attention on the lower half of the face. 

Other than face shape, there are other factors to think about such as:

Hair colour: Obviously you don't want your frames to clash with your hair colour. Instead, your hair and frames should contrast/complement each other nicely. For example, my hair is brown so personally, I would go for purple frames to create a subtle contrast. 
Eye colour: Certain shades can tone up/down the colour of your eyes. Again, my purple frames bring out my brown eyes.
Skin tone: Are you warm toned or cool toned? Or are you neutral toned? Go for frames that complement your skin tone. 

Hmm... I wish these were my actual glasses >.< The big shape actually makes my face look smaller right? 

Ps. The images of the face shapes & glasses are scanned images from a magazine called 'Siu Mei Nu'. Pretty cool! 

That's all folks!

Much love, Bubz xx


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