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Chocolate Mint Eyes

Hey everyone,

I've always loved how harmonious the colours green & brown looked together so it inspired me to do this chocolate mint look. This everyday look looks refreshing and cool- perfect for Spring days. Lately, I've been adding hints of colour to my basic neutral eye looks just for a subtle burst of colour. It makes it more fun yet remaining wearable. 

Check out the tutorial below:

Some screenshots:

Instead of mint green, I imagine turquoise and lavender to look good too!

Chocolate Mint

The next tutorials will be a 'Real makeup for Glasses' look and also a more dramatic night look (not sure what to name it yet). I'm still planning on the '1 million Subbie celebration video'. It's taking me longer than expected to plan out the video. Bear with me guys! I know I'm not as active on the website this week, my apologies guys! I promise things will be back to normal soon and more articles will be uploaded in time. 

Good night everyone!

Much love, Bubz xx


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