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Heart2Heart: Bubz, You've Changed



So here we are, we're almost at one million subscribers. Before we hit this milestone together, I wanted to do a Heart to Heart vlog. Please don't be misled by the title, because this isn't a "response video to prove myself" type of video. I was so happy and excited to make this video. It felt amazing being able to sit down and talk to you guys like old times. This is probably my longest video yet and if you guys manage to watch it to the end, thank you so much for listening to what my heart has to say.

"So, Bubz... have you changed?" My answer is, yes I have changed. I'm happy to announce I have changed because hopefully, I've changed for the better.

I hope this video not only answers your questions but also inspires you to never give up on yourself. Be proud of who you are and look forward to the future. It's inevitable that people change because it's part of life. However, if we change for the better - it's a different story. 

So yes, I have changed but I'm still me. I'm just no longer a bitter and insecure girl who needed success (grades, career, appearance etc) to validate herself. I'm happier and more confident now. Sure I can now make a living out of my own but being 100% honest, my real gain from all these years isn't from finally being able to get a mortgage. I now understand what really matters in life. I cherish all the wonderful treasures in life that money can't buy.  Success, looks and fame doesn't validate me. When I learnt to be happy for others, I learnt to be happy for myself. Being able to inspire others and being inspired has been my true reward.

I wouldn't be who I am without you guys. You taught me to be comfortable infront of the camera and to love myself. When other people doubted me, you guys pulled me through with your encouragement and it's your kindness and inspiration that keeps me going. I got really emotional near the end of the video but I promise those were happy tears. 

Reading your comments was so overwhelming. I was holding a banana with one hand and bawling my eyes out at the same time. I had a lump of banana in my mouth because I was choking up with my tears. I did eventually eat the banana though but it was all salty from the tears. I cannot thank you guys enough. Reading them was too precious and I want to print out all the comments as a reminder of everybody's support. 

Thank you so so much! I know I can't thank you guys enough but I am truly grateful!

Your friend, Bubz xx

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