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Flirty Spring Look

Hello gorgeous ones,

I've been feeling a bit lazy these days. The weather is just so breezy and beautiful in Hong Kong right now and it just feels like a waste to stay home. You guys know what I mean right? Times like this, I just want to be outdoors with an ice-cream with my dogs. Give it another week or so and it will just be too warm to be outdoors. 


Anyway, some of you have requested me to do a prom look since prom season is coming up. I decided to combine some of the Spring 2012 trends to create a colourful but mellow flirty look. It's perfect for Spring Proms, Spring Brides or even everyday if you're feeling fun and colourful.

The pastel colours create a very refreshing and sweet feel. This youthfu and cute look is bound to make you feel special without looking overdone. It's pretty simple to do will look great on anybody. 

You know what? I never had the chance to go to my school prom (we actually call it the Formal). I had to work because it's ALWAYS on Valentines Day and it just happens to be one of the busiest days for our restaurant. But I hear getting ready for it is the most fun part? Please tell me this is not true lol. 

Check out the makeup tutorial below:

Some pictures:

The dress I wore in the video is actually my bridesmaid dress. I love the beautiful peach colour but because the dress itself is pretty neutral toned- adding a pop of colour into the makeup will bring the overall look up a level. 

Yes, I am still wearing this floral bands (from New Look). It's been almost a year and you would think I'd be sick of them by now but no. I can't get enough of these floral bad boys. Will wear floral head bands over a tiara anyday lol.

I always pose on my left side of my face. Why? Because it's my better side lol. Nobody has a completely symmetrical face so my right side of my face tends to be plumper. I'll compromise by looking straight here. 

I will be doing the makeup for my sister's wedding this summer (including hair I think). It's gonna be fun and I'll have my sister as my happy helper. I'm going to have mellow colourful makeup on all the bridesmaids since our dresses are all peach. I can't wait to visit Northern Ireland again. I hear the weather is bliss over there already. I'll get to lie in my back garden listening to music whilst chilling with Max again. I'm going to miss Chubbi and Domo so much though. I wish I can bring them back with me sob sob.

Alright, time to grab some grub and do some grocery shopping.

Take care everyone,

Much love, Bubz xx



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