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New Bubbiosity Video: Chinese History Parody!

Hey everybody,

It really has been a while since my last Bubbiosity video hasn't it? But I'm back with a new comedy video and this time, decided to do skit a little different from my usual topics. Let's go back in time and base it on chinese history. Get in touch with my culture (but in a  very inaccurate way). 


Big shout out to Tim & Eric for helping out in this very silly & random video. Tim always gets the worse roles. He gets the ugliest/worse makeup, he gets beat up bad and everything. He asked: "Why not Eric?" and the answer is: "It's because he's still single. Give him a chance!" 

So funny when we were getting the costumes though. I was trying to get a traditional female gown but I needed a bigger size because it's for a man. Took me forever to explain to the lady. Must've thought we're into some weird dress up cult. Check out the video below: 

I wish I can film Bubbiosity videos more often. I give props to comedy channels because it's so hard to keep the ideas up and running. Nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy this one! If you have Bubbiosity video ideas, please let me know in the comments ^_^. 

Ps. We were just having a bit of fun as always in the video. Hope it doesn't offend anybody lol. 

Much love, Bubz xx

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