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K-Pop inspired Everyday Look

Hey sweetcakes!

Here is a K-POP inspired Everyday look for you guys. It's very simple and easy but edgy. One of the hot trends for 2012 is dramatic eyeliner so it fits perfectly for the Season.

Why is it K-Pop inspired? Well I notice quite a lot of female korean singers love to wear their eyeliner dramatically as the main focus of their makeup. They keep their face looking milky and toned down but add colour to their face by rosy pigmented lips. If you ar ealso watching Dream High 2, you will notice Ji Yeon also sports this look.

Eyeliner can really influence how the eyes look whilst keeping the eyes looking clean and face looking fresh and this is all to do with the clean cut lines. 
I did an Elongated Eye tutorial in the past before but I wasn't too happy with that video because the lighting was bad and the technique didn't complement my eye shape very well. I hope you guys will enjoy this one ^_^


I gotta say, not everybody will suit this makeup. If I elongate my eyes too much, they will just look really close set. If I just line the outer areas of my lower lash line, it will look far apart. Use the right balance for your eyeshape.

I found it quite difficult getting into Dream High 2. I just missed the old cast so so much. I grew attached to every single character but for the 2nd one, I tend to only focus on JB (drools). I would still watch it but it didn't leave me gripping in excitement like the first series. They have an adorable soundtrack though. I can't get the song 'We are the B' out of my head!!

 Cute huh?

Much love, Bubz xx


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