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Side Double Braid

Hey everyone,


Here is just a quick hair tutorial for you guys. I was inspired to create this side double braid after seeing it in a Japanese magazine. I thought it looked adorable and would be perfect for school/everyday. It's pretty quick to do. Just takes a little practice to get the braiding right. 

If you have layered hair like myself, it can be tricky so make sure you braid firmly and that you have gel nearby to fix flyaway hairs. 

Check out the quick hair tutorial below:

Have a wonderful week everybody! Oh, Happy Valentines Day! Whether you're celebrating the occasion or not, don't forget to share lots of love to your friends, family and loved ones. I'm spending my Valentines Day at home with Chubbi, Domo and Tim and I cannot be happier ^_^. We're going to catch up on 'Protect the Boss'. It's hilarious! It's almost 5am and I should really get some sleep now. Good night world (or morning)!

Much love, Bubz xx


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