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January Beauty Favs & NEW PUPPY!

Hi bubbiful ones,

Here is our first Monthly Fav video for the year 2012. I will be showing you guys my hot pick beauty items for the month of January. Also introducing Domo, he is our new puppy and we are so delighted to have him in the Bubz family.

Check out my January Beauty Faves below:

I will dedicate an entire video to Domo by filming his cute puppy moments on my Vlog channel so stay tuned. I've been a bit busy so haven't had a proper chance to follow him with a camera too much. I'll also do a Domo post for the website soon yeah?

As some of you know, we were meant to get a girl pup. She's skinnier than Domo and I don't know, she looked really shakey and vulnerable and I did want to take care of her. Tim wanted the boy because he looked more chirpy and lively. She had these puppy sad eyes and I really fell for her timidness. But then I read how female dogs can fight each other to death. Of course, this doesn't apply to all dogs. Chubbi is very friendly and if anything, dogs tend to pick on her but I just don't want to risk anything. I just don't want Chubbi to feel threatened and I certainly don't want the puppy to get hurt. I really didn't know if it was a good idea and I stressed so much about it. In the end, the decision was easier to make because the grand daughter of the owner apparently wanted to keep the girl for herself. I know she will be happy being able to live with her mummy. Tim is well over the moon though. He always wanted the boy.

He is a very good puppy because he is very well behaved. He is very obedient and he loves company from anybody. I love watching him and Domo play. They play chasies and it's the cutest thing ever. Domo does the chasing and Chubbi does the running lol. So hilarious. 

He can smile! So adorable because Chubbi used to pose for photos as well. Only difference is he isn't as greedy as Chubbi. He's still very young though. I thought he was 3 months but turns out he is only 2 half months old so he will get even more playful in time. He already loves jumping and running!

Some of you guys asked me, "Why can't you get a dog from an animal shelter?". I can honestly tell you guys that I really wasn't planning to get another dog (at least so soon anyway). I was asked if I wanted take care of the pups because they see how good I am with Chubbi. I had a really hard think before deciding but Tim was very enthusiastic about bringing home a new pup. You guys know the size of my apartment already right? It's more suitable for small sized dogs. I always talked to Tim and we always say when we return back to UK and live in a proper house with a proper yard with large grassy parks- we will adopt a bigger dog from a shelter. It really isn't the right time for us right now for a bigger sized dog. I grew up with big dogs from a toddler straight to when I was a young teen so I LOVE big dogs but I don't want to get a bigger dog unless I can offer it space and plenty of good exercise. It will be unfair because I'm always busy. Sure, I work at home a lot so I can spend time with the dogs and give them frequent walks but I can't offer powerful walks in large stretches of land. Please don't make me feel guilty. I'm going to be giving Domo a very happy and loved life ok? =)

Take care guys!

Much love, Bubz xx

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