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My Skincare Routine & Beauty Tips

Hey guys!

Many of you requested an updated skincare routine video but this time, I wanted to cover more. Skin shouldn't just be about the products you use on your face. It's also about lifestyle and diet as well. 

I start my day with my skincare routine and I end my day with my skincare routine. It's not a chore to me because I love it and it's become part of my everyday lifestyle.  I see it as a pampering treat. 


There's a misconception out there about me. Some of you think I have perfect skin (or near perfect). Trust me, my skin isn't perfect. The camera and lighting can be so deceiving. My skin will never be perfect but it has improved a lot throughout the years. I guess it just took years for me to realize what works best for my skin. 

It took me like a week to film and edit this video because I tried my best to cram as much info in one video as possible. I hope you guys will find it helpful. Check it out below:

Today, I'll be sharing my skincare routine with you guys, I'll also be sharing tips that I swear by to keep my  complexion happy and also my skin massage routine to help lift and slim down the face. 

I'm not skin expert, I'm just a girl that's very interested in beauty & skincare like a lot of you guys out there. Does skincare HAVE to be a lot of effort? It can be I guess but not nessecary. I think cleansing and moisturizing is most important. Does everybody need 6-7 products on their skin? I guess not. Everybody is different and some will need to put in more effort, some don't. As you can tell, I put in quite a lot of effort but I enjoy it.  I know my skin will never be perfect because it's not in my genes but let's just work with what we have and try to make the best of it. 

There's days when I get bad skin too. I just try my best not to let it get to me. Stressing about it and touching the face repeatedly just makes things worse. I realized the best thing to do is to let my skin heal in it's own time. As I get older, I realize it's all about hygiene, diet and lifestyle too. Not just the products.

This video is pretty long because I tried to cram a lot of information in. I hope you guys don't mind  but will find it helpful swell.

I purchased all the products myself. Not a sponsored video encase you're wondering. I really love all the products I used in this video. Some I have even used for years. It kind of looks like an advertorial but I promise it's not yeah? ^_^

I also hope this video inspires you to enjoy your skincare rituals. 

Take care guys,

Much love, Bubz


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