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Happy for 2012


Couple days ago, I said to the boyfriend "Tim, year 2012 has been pretty stressful so far" to which he replied "It's still year 2011 babe". I have completely lost track of time! Is today really the last day of 2011? Tomorrow will be the start of the New Year. While it is just another day to some people, it is the chance for others to start anew. This is a chance to start a new slate and be motivated for new beginings. 


Are you excited for the new year? Are you excited about the new people you could meet, opportunities you could take and new things you'll learn?
Or are you dreading it already?  You stressed about being stressed? Worrying about things going wrong before they even go wrong? 

What's holding you back in life? Here are some resolutions we can take up for the New Year.

1. Forgive those who hurt you. Did a friend or family member betray you? Did an ex cheat on you? Let it go. Holding a grudge will just hurt you even more and it will prevent you from being happy. Sometimes, people do bad things and it doesn't mean they are bad people - it just means they are human. People make mistakes because nobody is perfect. I know this can be difficult but in the long run you will realise it is so worth it. When you are good to others, you are best to yourself. Give your heart a break and empty out the bad memories. It's time to fill it up with new memories. 

2. Letting go of your mistakes. We all mess up, sometimes we mess up more than others. Did you hurt somebody you love? Are you in deep regret? Or did you miss out on an opportunity and you are still kicking yourself? Let it go. What's happened has happened and nothing can change this. I've done and said stupid things this year and despite not being proud of it, I learnt so much out of it and it made me into a better person. We learn most when we fall or make mistakes. Learn from the past and live for the future. 

3. Let yourself go. It's time you stop comparing yourself to your peers. Just because people around you are taller, slimmer or smarter doesn't mean you have to be in order to be good enough. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. Just be what you can be. Stop looking into yourself too deeply. Who cares what other people think? I am so much happier making a fool out of myself rather than being somebody I'm not in order to gain other people's approval. 

4. Be your own best friend. If you have a friend who is down, you will reassure them right? Why can't we do that for ourselves? Why do we add salt to our wounds? When situations get tough, we have to try to see the light in everything. A lot of times, we worsen situations from making it even more complicated ourselves. While encouragement from our loved ones can help lift us up, it's important we encourage ourselves too. Don't be your own enemy, be your own best friend. 

5. Surround yourself with people who will bring out the best in you. If you hang with people who are negative, you will find yourself suddenly becoming negative too. If you hang with people who are fake and gossipy, you'll find yourself becoming fake and gossipy. If you have a boyfriend that makes you ditch your mates, you'll become a bad friend. 


I think sometimes, we expect too much in life. We expect the ride to run perfectly on an uphill ride but forget that life is all about the bumps along the way too. It's the bumps that make us appreciate things. It's the bumps that makes us learn most. It's the bumps that makes us stronger. It's the bumps that helps us grow in character. We will never truly appreciate real happiness without experiencing hardship. 

I don't know what year 2012 will be like but I'm ready to take on the new year. Let's be grateful for everything we have rather than ungrateful for everything we don't have. Let's not take what we have for granted. 

Everybody changes and it's all part of life. 
Are you ready to change or the better or worse? There's only one answer ;)


Things I learnt in 2011:

  • I learnt that happiness doesn't come to you. True happiness comes from within. 
  • We have the freedom to be negative, bitter or happy. Sure people can piss you off but it's down to you on whether you are aggravated by it. Facing situations with a bad attitude just makes things worse.
  • I learnt that when you find happiness within yourself, you will bring happiness wherever you go.
  • I learnt that not everybody in this World will like me. I could be a mean person or a nice person, this person would still loathe me. Instead of wondering why, I will let it go. I'll never be able to please everybody. Acceptance is a form of courage. It's ok, I'll concentrate on the ones that care about me.
  • I learnt that it's not about how extravagant the food we eat but the people who eat with us. A glamorous life is nothing without friends & family to pull us through. 
  • I learnt to 'work to live' rather than 'live to work'. 
  • I learnt I'm not perfect. I'll never be perfect. I know I'll make mistakes along the way but I will learn from it. Same with people around me. They are not perfect because they are also learning too. 

Have a wonderful new year guys! No matter what happens, remember you will always have your family and loved ones (or someone) to fall back on. 

Much love, Bubz xx


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