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Winter Friendly Makeup

It's a given that we switch our wardrobes for Winter. It's time to put away the vest tops and summer dresses and bring out the scarves, gloves, hats and coats. We also switch up our skincare so it's more nourishing for our dry skin. What about our makeup? We should also switch up our makeup products too. Not only will makeup look better, it will also last longer. Check out my winter friendly makeup picks too!

During Summer, I swear by my powder foundations because they help to mattify my oily skin but since the weather is no longer warm now- it's time to make the shift for formulas that are more emolient. Cream based foundations are most emolient and they offer lots of coverage to  conceal winter redness. A hydrating liquid foundation will also do the trick. However, I personally recommend tinted moisturisers or water based foundations. They offer coverage whilst hydrating te skin. Make sure you apply a little translucent powder to set the makeup so it doesn't slip and slide. 


My pick: 
The Face Shop Aqua Tinted BB Cream
With 70% moisturising content, this BB cream makes the skin look beautiful. It's very hydrating but doesn't slip and slide on the face. It feels very water based but dries off nicely to a silky finish. It won't offer lots of coverage but it will minimise some redness and make skin look healthier. Love this

Again, if you skin gets drier during Winter, switch to a cream blush instead of powder. Powder can look cakey on dry skin but cream blushes are more hydrating than powder so it sits better on dry skin. Add a pop of colour to your cheeks to liven up a washed out face. I love using florescent shades of peach on my cheeks. It will compliment all skin tones and give a healthy glow. Cream blush can be a little tricky to apply but the key is gradually build the colour. Some people like to use their fingers to blend but I find  using a stippling brush gives best results. 

My Pick: Stila Convertible Color
Stila makes my fav cream blushes because they are so creamy and easy to blend. They come in lots of shades but my fav is still in Gerbera. 


Lip stick just won't do any favours for dry chapped lips. Lip glosses will also worsen the problem. The solution is to opt for tinted lip balms or lip butters. They offer colour and hydration giving you best of both worlds. I personally like to choose rosier shades so lips look naturally pigmented but pink, cranberry and raspberry would also look beautiful for Winter. Tinted lipbalms and lip butters tend to not last as long as lipsticks but it's ok, take it on the go with you and reapply when your lips feel dry or need more colour. 

My pick: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter
I adore my lip butters. I only started using them recently but they give my lips the most beautiful tint of colour while leaving them soft and supple. The shade 'Lollipop' will brighten up a dull complexion. 

To tackle getting panda eyes in the heavy rain or snow, switch to a waterproof mascara. Running mascara is not a good look. Your eyes will also appreciate a long lasting eyeliner that doesn't run (not literally tehee). 

My Pick: Majorlica Lash Expander
This mascara has a very unique wand that defines and lengthens. It's definitely waterproof because it's so difficult to remove (perhaps a little too difficult actually lol). 


Makeup looks best on skin that's hydrated so remember to give extra tender love and care to your skin during the colder months. Drink lots of water and moisturise moisturise moisturise. 

Hope this was helpful. Stay warm and healthy guys!

Much love, Bubz xx


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