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✟ Misa Amane Look ✟

Here is my first Halloween Tutorial! Yeyyy!

Death Note is one of my favourite anime because it's probably the only anime that had me gripped in suspense from beginning to end. It's all about life, friendship, justice, betrayal and wit between a detective and serial killer (who is trying to make the World a "better place"). 

Misa Amane is one of the crucial characters of the anime. She is a famous idol in Japan working as a model/singer/actress. She's petite and sweet, her personality is very cute and she's kind of ditzy (which can be pretty annoying lol) but she is serious when it comes to love. Blinded by love, she is totally and absolutely infatuated by Light (one of the main characters). Although she acts cute and looks cute, a sense of darkness can be felt from her. 


So today, I'm going to show how you can look like Misa Amane for either Halloween or any anime convention. Misa's look is all about her porcelain skin, large doll-like eyes, child-like hair and gothic lolita style clothing. Check out the video below to find out how you can look like Misa.

Tips on being Misa Amane

- Misa's style is pretty unique. She likes being different from other people. She wears a lot of gothic lolita(ish) themed clothing but if you don't own this type of clothing, just wear a tank top with a black mini skirt. Accessories are important. Wear thigh length socks (stripy would be very Misa) and gloves to top off your look. 

- Wear gothic jewelry. I already own a few necklaces with crosses so all I really needed was to get a choker (which was pretty cheap) from the market. 

- The anime Misa has blonde hair but the  live-action Misa has dark hair. You don't necessarily "need" a wig, having your hair in pigtails/half pig tails is fine. 

- I DIYed my own Death Notebook really quickly. If you're not too fussed, just make it yourself. Just get a black (leather if you wish) book and silver pen. Briefly mark the logo on the front of the book with a pencil and go over the logo with your silver pen. I actually just used tippex because I was too lazy lol. 

Some screen-caps from the tutorial:


I hope you guys enjoyed this Misa tutorial. I wish I have a male model to do a tutorial on looking like L. He's my favourite character and looking like him doesn't take much effort. We shall see. Maybe I'll be the male model ^_~

Until next time, take care guys!

Much love, Bubz xx


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