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High School SOS Kit


Hey my beautiful students!

When I look back at myself as a student, I just want to kick myself in the crotch (physically impossible by the way) because I was SO unprepared as a student. Don't get me wrong, I was a good student (I hope). I would pack my school bag with the essential books for tomorrow's class before going to bed so I will have more time in the morning to prepare breakfast for my younger siblings. However, I could've been a little wiser and more prepared to avoid tricky situations. I was just a little teen so what did I know? So now that I'm older and able to reflect on my experience in High School, I wanted to write this guide for you guys out there to kick start your year.

You'll have plenty to worry about in school. The last thing you want is more problems. Here are essentials you should have in your school bag (aside from your books and stationary).

Packet of Tissues

We are not seven anymore. In High School, using sleeves is socially unacceptable (although I had a friend resort to it once but only from desperation). During Winter, the flu is passed from person to person and you'll find your nose running like a tap. I still remember sitting an exam years ago with a crazy runny nose. I kept sniffing nonstop which pissed the other students off and I remember having to tilt my head back to prevent drippage (tehehe gross I know). I NEEDED TISSUES. Something so simple but useful. Always have a packet of tissues in your bag (I kept mine in my blazer) just in case. Don't have tissue? Steal some toilet roll for time being. 

HIGHSCH4Painkillers/flu tablets
Nothing feels worse than sitting through a long draggy lesson with a headache (or cramps). You can usually get these off your school nurse but I just like to have my own for standby. Oh another thing, make sure they are non drowsy.

It can be a small bottle you keep in your locker.  Classrooms can get stuffy. My school requires us to wear our blazers at ALL times. I remember feeling flustered and warm but refusing to take off my blazer because I was afraid of damp patches on my shirt. Yes, this is life. A deodorant will keep you feeling dry and comfortable. It will prevent you from embarrassment too. 

Blotting Sheets
Whether you wear makeup or not- blotting sheets can come in handy. You're at an age where your hormones are going crazy. I remember coming home from school each day with a face looking like a grease ball. Not a pretty look. Blotting sheets will help to absorb excess oil to keep your face looking matte. Don't have blotting sheets? Toilet roll actually does a decent job (if all else fails).

Refresh your breath with mints throughout the day. Whether you've just sat in a lesson for over an hour without speaking or just finished a garlic-y meal, mints will help you out. Usually I go for gum but that could get you in trouble. You know what I'm talking about right? There could be 10 people chewing gum in my class and it's always me who gets caught. Humph.

schhSanitary pads/tampons
Keep these little handy babies in your school bag or locker. When I was younger, I never kept track of my cycle (which I recommend you you do to). Our cycles can also be irregular during our teen years so carrying pads/tampons with us can save us from disastrous surprises. You can even help out a friend too. Remember, you can always get these off your school nurse in cases of emergencies too.

bobbipinsHair tie/bobby pin
I always had an elastic hair tie on my wrist during High School. I would tie my hair up during class to keep my hair out of my face. Bobby pins come in handy as well if you have bangs/fringe.

lipbalmLip Balm
It's up to you on how much makeup you want to wear for school. My preference is just to look fresh and light. You want to look your age- caking your face with makeup can leave you looking 30 instead of 15. If there is a beauty product you should bring with you, it would be lip balm. They come in handy and especially great for Winter because they protect your lips from drying out. If you can, pick a tinted lip balm. They will give your lips slight colour for a radiant look and you won't get in trouble for wearing it.

sdPocket Mirror
This isn't really nessecary for me but I thought I'll add it in. I hated looking at my reflection as a teen so I never carried a mirror with me but they are handy if you do wear makeup. Especially with mascara or eyeliner (which is very popular for high schoolers), it can run and smudge so a mirror allows you to check for makeup mishaps.


I've sat in countless classes feeling faint and tired from hunger. Sometimes I would leave the house in a hurry and I would forget to have breakfast (or bring refreshments with me). You don't need a lot of money. Just a few pounds/dollars is enough for you to buy a snack for energy restoring or perhaps some water for hydration. Plus- if you forget to do your homework, you can pay somebody to do it for you (no really, that was a joke. Don't do that lol). 

These are really my top 10 must-have High School SOS items. Hope this was helpful. You can also check out my High School Survival video below.

Thank you to everybody on Twitter/Facebook for sharing your best advice on surviving high school.

Have a happy term!

Much love, Bubz xx

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