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Outfit of the Day (Fall Transitioning)

Hey guys,

Just thought I'll do a quick Outfit of the day post for you all before I jet off to New York tomorrow morning. Last night was Tim's grandpa's 80th birthday so we celebrated by having dinner at a restaurant. Fall is my favourite Season when it comes to clothes because I LOVE layering up. One of my fav pieces to wear during Fall is the blazer. It keeps you warm for the transitioning weather but at the same time, you'll look stylish. 

Here I am wearing a black sleeveless vest dress with a brown bow belt. Pairing brown and black is great combo for Fall/Winter because it looks so warm and casual. To compliment the outfit while giving my outfit a boost of colour, I'm wearing this mustard blazer. The black buttons also match the black vest dress.

Tights are also one of my fav pieces for Autumn because it allows me to continue wearing my shorts/skirts. It keeps me warm but gives me a chic look. I could've gone for a pair with cute designs but I wanted to keep it simple.

Mustard is a great bold colour to wear for Fall because of the warm tones. As you can also see, my vest dress isn't actually plain. It has a nice frill layered detail which gives it a cute touch.

These brown heels match my belt but like I said before, brown and black are a good combo ^_^.

When the sleeves are rolled up, it has a nice lace detail. 

For my jewellery, I just kept it simple by wearing this cute necklace. I like the suede string because again, it matches with the brown. 



I got my blazer from a store called Vintage in Mong Kok. The vest dress is from Maple and my belt came with a pair of shorts. I think my shorts were from Argle Centre somewhere.

Ok- this is going to be my last post before I set off to New York. I'm so excited!! I've packed a lot of blazers, tights and heels for it. I will vlog as much as I can for you all. Until next time, take care guys ^_^

Bubz xx 


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