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Back to School Fashion Fix

School is about to start again and as much as you are "dreading it", you still want to look good for it. When I was in High School, we all had to wear uniforms. As sucky as it sounds, it meant I never had problems in the morning figuring what to wear so it was kind of a good thing for me. None the less, here's my fashion fix for you gorgeous students. Here are some scanned images from my fave fashion magazines for reference.

Blazers can really impact an outfit. They can be worn in so many different ways for a dressed up or casual look. In this case, a cute sweater underneath this muted blazer makes this look very laid back.  Instead of a typical black blazer, try a beige or brown blazer because it works perfect for everyday and it will keep you warm in school too. The girl is rocking her tweed trousers too. Because it's rolled up to hang over the knees, it adds a stylish yet casual touch. I love the colour combinations and it's perfectly appropriate for everyday/school.

This girl looks stylish in her own edgy way. Her graphic t-shirt is shredded at the bottom giving the outfit texture. She is wearing a bold striped scarf to make the outfit look more 3D. Her out thigh socks add a playful touch. 

To me, the perfect coat is the most important piece of garment for school (after would be my cardigans). I am obsessed with coats not just because they keep me warm but also because they add a cute addition to my outfit. Your coat tells a lot about your personality. Here, the girl is wearing a blue tartan printed coat. It has a casual and fun print already but matched with the bold red scarf (made from her sweater), her outfit now pops even more. 

Like I said before, everybody (girls AND guys) need a blazer in their wardrobe. Which one suits your personality most? Pinstripes tend to look smart, bold colours are fun but I personally like pastels most. Pastel shades adds a hint of colour but are generally easier to match and looks more casual. 

I love shirts. They can look casual, smart and dressy at the same time depending how you wear it. They look so cute when teamed with high waisted shorts. If it looks too 'dull' for you, throw on a colourful cardigan and accessorize with belts or hats. 

I shopped on recently as well. These were my picks which actually might do well for school too. Note - I purchased these clothes myself so this post is not sponsored by Yesstyle. 

These flowy pastel shirts are adorable. I can imagine wearing these shirts looking great with shorts, skirts or trousers. Perfect for school and everyday. I purchased in white and coral.

You guys know I love my sweaters for a 'Girl next door look' because it looks so cute yet effortless. The stripes and little distressed detail gives it a stylish touch. This sweater from 'Click' is adorable.

More shirts! This 'Yumi' shirt is interesting because it's crochet at the back. It gives contrast and it even has a drawstring waist to accentuate the waist. The shirt is casual at the front but the back makes it look cute/soft.

I like the colour. I like the shape. I like the suble girly details of the mini frills. Very chic and pretty. From 'Orangebear'.

I also got the above shirt in green. This one looks cuter because the colour is bolder. Green is a great colour that can be worn all year around. It's awesome. 

I'm a little obsessed with skirts at the moment (as you can tell lol), but this one actually has shorts underneath to prevent flashing. It's high waisted for an elegant look and even has an adorable bow detail in the centre.  From 'New York Doll'.


Another cute striped sweater from 'Click'. Loose and comfy looking. Had to get it. It's yellow and black =D

This 'Selina' top looks pretty cool thanks to the curves, colours and the drape neck. All you really need is a good pair of jeans. 

That's all folks. Hope this was helpful. Good luck in school guys... Sigh, I miss school now. Until next time, take care.

Much love,

Bubz xx

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