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Knowing your skintype

Our skin types can change depending on our lifestyle and age. I have to say that I've had every skin type there is, what about you? My skin is unpredictable these days thanks to my multitasking lifestyle but for all I can remember, my skin has always been sensitive. 


Do you know what your skin type is? 
Normal: Skin tends to be even with maybe a few blemishes here and there. Not too much problematic areas.
Dry: Pores are small and skin often feels tight after a hot shower/bath. It is prone to blotchiness, dry patches and ashiness.
Oily: Pores are often large. Skin is more prone to blemishes and excess shine.
Combination: While the cheeks are dry, the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) area is oily. The face is a mixture of different skin types.
Sensitive: Skin is easily irritated therefore more prone to uneven skin tone. Easily irritated.  Must be careful when choosing skincare products.

Using the right product
The better you understand your skin, the more you'll understand what it needs. You could be using 'good products' but still find it is not doing anything to your skin because it isn't catered for your skin type.  Remember that your skin type may change throughout the year because the climate can affect our skin. My skin tends to become oily for Summer and dry for Winter. Other factors such as stress, lifestyle, diet etc can also influence our skin type. You'll need a routine that works for your skin. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise. 

We should all cleanse our face in the morning and before bedtime to remove dirt, impurities, makeup and excess oil from our pores. If we don't, our skin can become clogged up, contaminated and break out. I love cleansing my face because it gets me up in the morning. I love the feeling of clean skin and I love seeing the benefits of clean skin. Face is generally brighter and clearer when cleansed.

For dry skin, it's best to use a creamy cleanser because it won't strip the face from essential oils. You might also benefit from 'wipe off' cleansers because water can make the face feel dry/tight. 
For oily skin, stick with a gel cleanser because it's lighter in consistency and removes excess dirt/oil best.
For normal skin, you can use any basic cleanser since your skin doesn't have as much problematic areas. Gel or cream cleansers will both work grand for you.  
For sensitive skin, use a non alcoholic and fragrance-free cleanser so it won't irritate your skin. 

Using a toner removes dirt, oil and residue left from cleansers. It also balances the pH of your skin and preps your skin for moisturiser allowing it to absorb better.  

For dry skin, use a hydrating non-alcoholic lotion to moisten the skin. Milk toners are great for dry skin.
For oily skin, astringents are recommended because they help to remove dirt, excess oil and impurities.
For normal skin,  use a non-alcoholic toner so it doesn't strip your face from oil. 
For sensitive skin, use a non-alcoholic soothing toner but in general, this step can actually skipped. 

Moisturisers can soothe and plump up dehydrated skin. It is my most important skincare step because without it, my skin will not only look dull but feel scaly. It allows the skin to restore in moisture. After I cleanse my face, I lock in the moisture by applying moisturiser within 3 minutes. I always apply moisturiser on a damp face. 

For dry skin, creamy moisturisers work best because they help the skin to lock in moisture better.
For oily skin, gel moisturisers work best because they won't make the skin feel greasy. They are better for sebum control and are generally lighter. 
For normal skin, you can use cream or gel moisturisers. 
For sensitive skin, you should use fragrance-free cream based moisturisers or lotions.

My skincare regimen
Like I said before, my skin type changes throughout the year. Right now, it's pretty dry and sensitive. I had a skin allergy recently so while my rashes have dissipated, it's now dry from the medicated creams. Right now, the main 'need' for my skin is hydration. 


I cleanse my face with the 'Natural JUJU Cleansing Facial Gel'. It contains 100% organic aloe vera so it's extremely soothing. It cleanses my skin without stripping my skin dry. After cleansing, my skin feels refreshed, soothed and smooth. I'm unable to use any other cleanser at the moment because they all leave my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. If you have sensitive or dry skin, I definitely recommend this baby. You can find it in your local Watsons and also online at


I tone my face with  the Natural JUJU Moisture Aloe Toner (Smooth). I am a huge fan of JUJU cosmetics because they are amazing yet affordable. Again, it is made of 100% natural aloe vera. It instantly softens my skin without being stingy. It stimulates skin cell renewal and protects skin from damage. It contains no fragrance or artificial colour so great for my sensitive skin. Can be found in your local Watsons and at


I use the Cetaphil DailyAdvance hydrating Lotion as my moisturiser because it is amazing. I have always been a huge fan of Cetaphil's skincare range. There are a lot of hypoallergenic products on the market but none seem to work as well as Cetaphil does. It's perfect for my desert dry skin. While high-end moisturisers (SKII, Laneige, Lancome, etc) all failed to work (my skin just ate up the moisture and turned dry in minutes), this lotion has kept my skin nourished all day long. It didn't hurt/sting like most moisturisers did, it felt really smooth. I love how it has a non greasy formula despite being so soothing. Fragrance free and non-comedogenic. You can apply it on your face and body too, perfect! Can be found at your local pharmacy (I got mine from Watsons). 

I love the SKII Signs Eyecream despite the crazy price tag (I ahve to bite my lip every time I pay at the counter). It's has a beautiful smooth texture and it's the type of eyecream shows results instantly. It instantly plumps my fine lines making the area around my eyes feel hydrated and smooth. Can be found at your local SKII counter/online.

So that's it guys! When my skin retain's it's moisture, I will share my 'normal' skincare routine with you guys. I hope you guys found this helpful. 

Until next time, take care guys!

Much love,

Bubz xx

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