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Disney Princess Engagement Rings?


Disney are releasing Disney Princess engagement rings!!! They look so adorable!

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Sleeping Beauty: Beautify yourself while you sleep!


What if Sleeping Beauty didn't sleep well? What if she woke up that beautiful morning in rage mode? Today, I'm going to share how you can help yourself sleep better so you wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated. I'll also share how you can take advantage of your sleep by beautifying yourself while you rest throughout the night. 


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Is your Mouth making you Unhappy?


Are you making yourself unhappy with the way you're acting and talking? Your words either hurt or help others. They also either hurt and help yourself. How do you deal with Jealousy? How do you deal with Gossip? How can you fix your heart and change your words? 

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Sweet Dessert Nails


Here's another nail tutorial for you guys.  Now you can enjoy delicious icecream with chocolate sauce with zero calories. If you're someone with a mega sweet tooth, you will love this design. 

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Basic Daisy Nails


Some of you have been requesting a very basic nail design that will still look adorable for Summer. Why not try this cute basic daisy nail design?  

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