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My Top 3 Lip Tints


I'm going to be honest, I LOVE lip tints. They tint the lips to give it a beautiful long lasting flush of colour and they always smell great. I have tested many lip tints out there and in my opinion, it's the Korean brands that make the best ones. They're crazy about lip tints over there. Today, I'm going to share my top picks with you all. 


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Holiday Gift Guide

holgiftguidetempGuess what? Christmas is creeping up on us. 15 days left? Forreal? Here is a Holiday Gift guide video for you all.  

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Outfit Of The Day: Cosy Double Collar Sweater & Beret kinda Day


My Outfit of the Day: It was a Cosy Double Collar Sweater & Beret kinda Day...

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Don't Worry. Be Happy


When I realised what worrying was doing to my health and my future, it changed my world and from then on, I was determined to stop worrying and start living. 
I know there are a lot of human stress balls out there. For whatever reason it is, a lot of people just can’t enjoy life as it is. Now a little stress is normal but stressing too much will affect you and not in a good way. In this video, I will share how you can STOP worrying and stressing. 


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DIY Arty Paint Splattered Mugs


Here’s an easy DIY project for you guys. I’ve been into painting cups and mugs again. I get bored of beauty every so often so a little craftiness helps to beautify my soul. Transform your boring cups and mugs into these fun Paint Splattered mugs. They're so easy to create, even a caveman can do it. 

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