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Eyeliner 101 + Application Tips


I love eyeliner. It has the ability to transform the eyes into different shapes and sizes. There's endless ways to wear it but today, I'm gonna show you guys my 8 favourite ways. Some are very subtle. Some natural. Some cute. Some flirty. Some sassy. Something for everyone. 

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My January Favourites 2014


My favourites of January 2014. 

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Why Girls Are Mean


Here is the million dollar question. Why are girls so mean? Are you a mean girl without even realising? 

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Husband Gets A Girly Makeover


My Husband Gets a Girl Makeover. I laughed SO much while editing this. Hope this will make you guys laugh. Find out whether Tim will be Hot or Not as a girl. 

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4 Easy Everyday Hairstyles


You guys have been requesting for quick & easy everyday hairstyles so I hope you guys will enjoy this one. Here are 4 Cute Hairstyles you can wear for school or everyday. They’re mega easy to do too. 

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