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Ulzzang Makeup for Glasses


These days, many people are choosing large frames for their glasses because it looks cuter and innocent. Plus, you have to admit- they make great statement fashion pieces. However, as much as I love my glasses- people often tell me my eyes look a lot smaller with my glasses on. Therefore, I was inspired me to do an ulzzang look for Glasses. Instead of sexy sophistication, we’re going for a cuter sweeter look.  After all, ulzzang makeup is all about making eyes appear larger which makes it PERFECT for short sighted girls.

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My August Favs (Beauty, Hair, Fashion & Foods)


Today, I'll be sharing my favourite beauty, hair, fashion and food products of August (and little interruptions from Tim). 

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New Vlog: Happy Birthday Tim, Bitten in the Face, Picking up dogs after 1 month, Dyeing my hair & more


New Vlog! Picking up Chubbi & Domo after 1 month apart, Happy Birthday Tim, I dyed my hair, bitten in the face and more...

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Get Ready With Me: Special Date


I've celebrated the past 10 birthdays with Tim but this year is the first time we celebrate his birthday as a married couple. Get ready with me from start to finish. I'll share how I'll be doing my makeup, styling my hair and my outfit for the evening.

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Wedding Teaser



Tim and I finally became Hubz & Bubz on Sunday. We are still buzzing with happiness!! I know lots of you are eager for our wedding video. You know what? We are just as eager to see as much as you guys. The second we got our wedding teaser video, we wanted to share with you all. We hope you guys enjoy this little sneak peek for now.


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