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Week 20 Pregnancy Vlog


20 Weeks baby! We're halfway there. Halfway through this pregnancy and halfway to meeting little Peanut. 

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Ocean Waves Hair


 I’m going to demonstrate how to create beautiful soft fluid curls that look like ocean waves. Because the hair flows like water, it appears much softer and romantic than regular defined curls.

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I call this the GUILTY CONFESSIONS tag because, come on- let’s face it. We all show our best side on Youtube but we all have a mischievous side right? We’re not perfect! LET’S DIG UP THE DIRT and have some fun by CONFESSING it out and loud! Bwahahahahahaha...

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Week 17 Pregnancy Vlog


15 weeks and I'm gaining weight fast, I'm always hungry yet never know what I want, my bones are clicking all over and the baby is moving constantly. We also know the gender (well 60-70% sure). We will be more sure in a couple weeks and I can finally shop for our baby's wardrobe =')

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March Favourites 2014


Suit Up!!! Here is a new super chic and fun nail tutorial. "French" Tuxedo nails. Ohh La La! 

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