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The Last One: 38 Week Pregnancy Vlog


Welcome to my 38 Week Pregnancy vlog! This is going to be our last one, guys! What a journey it has been. In just a few days, Isaac will be here in my arms. Feels like yesterday we found out we were expecting. Now fast forward 9 months and here we are. He is no longer a little peanut anymore.
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Sunset Silhouette Nails


Inspired by the African safari, here is a Sunset Silhouette nail tutorial for you guys. Let's try something a little different and get arty! 


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Winged Smokes


 This look is a all about mixing softness with edge. It’s softly refreshing but not boring at all. It enhances the natural beauty rather than conceals it. 

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Flower Chain Nails


Here is a Flower Chain Nail Design to perk up your mood. It’s fun, fresh and chic. All you need are nail polishes and a bobby pin. No professional nail tools required. 

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36 Week Pregnancy Vlog


Welcome to my 36 Week Pregnancy update! I’m officially 9 months pregnant. Only 1 month to go until my due date although by the looks of things, Isaac is very likely to be here earlier. Bun is almost ready! He’s certainly getting big. Doctors are looking into getting him here earlier. 

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